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ga-ga over gaiman

Tue Jul 12, 2005, 12:24 AM

i promised myself i wouldn't geek out when it was my turn to have my book (dream hunters) signed but, man oh man, i just went crazy! i was stammering like a fool and was quite possibly showering neil gaiman with tiny specks of saliva.

i'm a fanboy. so sue me.

saw the trailer and some behind-the-scenes footage of gaiman and mckean's mirrormask (which i'm definitely going to watch) and heard mr. gaiman read some excerpts of his forthcoming novel 'anansi boys' (which i'm probably going to buy but definitely read).

didn't enter the art contest for this event, though, which makes me feel a little bit of regret... but it's okay. will most probably do one the next time he comes around and when i feel like it. :)

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  • Reading: Sandman: The Dream Hunters
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HOLA my fellow deviantartists!

true, it's been a while since i've uploaded anything. that's because i've jumped ship once again! i got a new job! i'm back to the company where i did my first regular job--the catch: i'm no longer doing the crappy shit i used to do here (well, relatively...).

my new job description involves character designs, conceptual artwork, model sheets, textures, and a lot more. i'm being compensated in proportion to the amount of shit i'm tasked to do (which is just fair, actually, and fun because i get paid for something i like doing) so i'm content with this job. for now.

in truth, i have done a lot of artworks already my first month into this gig. i am sorry to say, however, that i won't be able to upload any of these as my employer might strangle me with 74 different kinds of dried pasta. i'll probably only be able to show it to you guys once the products are out... or when i quit this job bwahahahahahaha!

so i'll try and make some artworks that i actually CAN show to you guys so you'll know that i'm still breathing.

'till the next one... ;)
Mwahaha! I've finished Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake-Eater! Hooray for Close-Quarters-Combat! It's the shiznit!

I'm a fucking Secret Agent Man!

Woohooooooo!!! :D
don't mind me, i'm just blehing. ;)
a month from now marks a full year that i've been in this job, my second job. and i can't help but feel restless.

truth is, i don't know why i'm here and not pursuing my art. maybe because i can't afford to leech off my family in the event that i become unemployed. maybe because i'm not exactly sure yet as to what to do with my life.

i don't know.

all i know is, me and the corporate world don't seem to mix that well.

i'm beginning to loathe my job. here i am, slacking way off while my officemates go about being as productive as can be.

first week into the new year and i haven't even made an iota of company-related work. god, i want to resign right this instant. not that easy, though. got bills to pay.

funny, just before i got off college, i thought i had it all figured out. i thought i had all my dreams, albiet roughly, roadmapped.

and here i am, one and a half years into the corporate world and i don't know where to go.

where are you headed?
i hate this day. and it's a monday. how typical.

work is becoming such a tedious chore. especially when your programmer tells you all (when i say all, i mean 150+ pixel sprites) the art assets you made must be rearranged to ensure a smooth mirror-imaging system.

it only takes one fucking hard code to have the engine conform to the gazillion art assets i made. one fucking hard code that'd take less than a day. and i'm the one being asked to reconfigure?!? that's gonna take 3 fucking days, goddammit, not to mention a few trillion neurons sacrificed for mechanical, menial shit!

and when i'm done with that, i'm expected to churn out MMS, picture messages, and operator logos for crappy cellphones! that's a goddamn-shit-for-brains-idiot's job! i didn't self-study photoshop and color theory just to do fucking MMS. that is, by far, the most insulting, degrading thing i've ever been asked to "use my creative juices" on. it's a been-there-done-that thing for me and i don't intend to relive it in this or any other lifetime.

shit. i need a cigarette or i'm gonna burst...
so my PC's been dead for about a couple of months now... haven't been able to sit down and draw some real mean stuff because i won't be able to color it. as a result, a lot of pet projects in my pipeline have slowed down to a grinding halt.

and i won't be able to buy a new PC until December. Fuck. T_T

so i'm reduced to doodling here at work. and work is starting to bore me. Crap.

i've had better days...
been working on justplainjoe's drawing. obviously haven't finished it yet.

so i decided to ART DUMP.

yeah, i finally uploaded some concept art (whose publicity has long been overdue) and some pixel art. hope you guys check 'em out, particulary the pixel art. i'm darn proud of those :D

and i also did a *hehe* wallpaper.

'til next... ;)
Whoa! That was fast. wasn't expecting it to hit 4000 until at least tomorrow.

Thanks to justplainjoe for posting it in his newsgroup. the pageviews DID skyrocket. I only wish those hits meant all those people actually looked at my gallery and dropped a comment or two... oh, well. ;P

now, onto THE ONE TRUE WINNER (the one who sent me a note with attached screenshot FIRST):
From: ~PoisonArrow
Date: Jul 19, 2004, 12:14:00 AM
Yep. PoisonArrow, whoever you are, i'll make a drawing for you. ;)

Sorry, justplainjoe. PoisonArrow beat you to the punch by a mere 2.35 seconds. Here's what justplainjoe's note looked like:

From: *JustPlainJoe
Date: Jul 19, 2004, 12:16:35 AM

Cheers to all. I better start crackin' on PoisonArrow's gift art, whatever it is. ;)
Motivation is hard to come by for me lately so this little race to the 4000th pageview might just take me out of the pits of procrastination.

Here's the deal:
Be the 4000th pageviewer and i'll make one drawing for you-- anything you want, and color it too. I'll post the drawing in my gallery and dedicate the description to you.

Some rules though:
1. Send me a note with a screenshot of the pageview, proving you are, indeed, the 4000th viewer. Also, indicate in the note what you want me to draw for you.
2. I'll only consider ONE winner. if there are two of you who got the 4000th hit (i don't understand how this happens, but it happens), the first person who sends me the note + screenshot is THE winner.

I'll be announcing the winner here in my journal and send a personal note to the winner as well. ;)

Hope this inspires me ;)
yeah, i know, the images i uploaded a while ago were done roughly 6 months ago, from my previous job. i'm cheating myself a bit here. i promised myself that i'd avoid posting old artworks.

but, damn, my page has been looking desolate since my last upload, which was more than a month ago.

can't really post my more recent works 'cause the games i'm working on aren't out in the market yet. i'll upload them once that clears up.

and i'm swamped with work as it is.


oh well. :)
Ahh... my first day at the new job. things look promising. i'll have a wacom graphire 3 along with a nifty desktop PC within the week. WACOM GRAPHIRE 3 is a sweet sweet deal. :)

i'll try and upload some of the new stuff i've been working on sometime soon so for all you people waiting for my stuff to grace DA (if there ARE any of you out there), sit tight. it won't be long now ;)
i've been swamped with work lately so i haven't been able to post any new images.

but in spite of that, and due to a sudden burst of inspiration last night, i drew! i drew until the wee hours of the morning!

and when i got here in the office just this morning to upload that drawing, i find out that i can't because THE DAMN FILE IS TRUNCATED. Biyatch.

i'll just upload it next week when i get a file that's NOT truncated. or within the weekend when i fix my home internet connection.
hooray! i'm now a member of deviantart!

i've been browsing this site for a time now and i've always wanted to join. but the busy schedule and occassional bouts of 'uninspiration' get in the way.

now that i've adjusted to work, my schedule's freeing up a bit so, not only am i able to draw, i'm also able to upload my drawings. wheeeee!

oops, gotta get back to work...