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PROCESS: The Specialists

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 26, 2008, 7:31 AM
You asked for it! (well, some of you, anyway)

Hi, guys. :)

Recently, I've had a lot of inquiries regarding my work process. And although this journal is anything but comprehensive, I thought it would be worth sharing anyway, to appease some of you curious minds. I don't usually work this way, it actually depends on what type of illustration / comic / subject matter I'm working on.

This image was created using Adobe Photoshop CS2 and a Wacom Intuos 3, at 300 dpi on an A4 canvas. It was completed in roughly 24 hours, spread across 3 days. A bit slow, I admit. That's what I get for not having a definite work process to stick to (although working on this did give me a few ideas on that...). And for not having a clear idea of what I wanted for the image.

When I first started with the image, I had no idea of what the final outcome would look like. All I knew was that I wanted a girl, a guy, guns, and blades. Danger, a hint of action, tension. And with inspiration coming in different forms, no matter how absurd or simplistic, this was as good a starting point as any. Besides, I just wanted to draw a finished piece so bad.

The Specialists - 0 by chesterocampo
I sketched out some silhouettes. At this early stage, my only concern was the composition.

The Specialists - 1 by chesterocampo
Once I settled the composition, I put in rough values using varying degrees of gray. Then I made a rough color guide using gradients with a few select colors. This color guide is the topmost layer, set on the layer blending option overlay.

The Specialists - 2 by chesterocampo
Time to put in rough details on the subjects. All colors assigned to the characters were picked from the canvas and adjusted slightly, according to my preferences. This ensures that the subjects will match with the background later on.

The Specialists - 3 by chesterocampo
Based on the rough details and character color guides, I proceed to smoothen out and create fine details in certain areas. The character renderings are not finalized yet, but they're nearly done.

The Specialists - 4 by chesterocampo
Now it's time to move on to the background. Based on the intial rough guide, I create a more refined structure for the background, blocking in all the basic shapes. Along the way, I also add more detail to the characters; they're close to finished.

The Specialists - 5 by chesterocampo
I continue refining the background by adding textures to it (photographs I took and textures I created using custom brushes and filters). At this point, the rendering part is finished.

The Specialists by chesterocampo
The last step, a step I haven't done much until recently, is applying treatment on the image. I added a subtle texture on top of the rendered image, a few filters here and there, darkening some parts and lightening up other areas. Also, using the color balance image adjustment tool, I amped up the red, which the image seems to have lost in the rendering process. There, done! Hooray!

I hope that helps. :)

Later, y'all! :D

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MarkoLuna Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008
Merlkir Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
thanks for the process, I was wondering how you pulled out that great rendering of light on the bodies :) good.
zehntes Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008  Student General Artist
woot bookmarked!
RenKram013 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008  Professional General Artist
gendoikarieva Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008
Thanks for the tutorial :w00t:
tkaksoy Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008
unbelievable...:) stunningly awesome.!!!...:clap::clap:
RedVinken Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008  Student General Artist
that looks all verry educational, maybe you can copy paste all this and submit it as a little tutorial?
great work!
Zero-Optix Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008  Professional General Artist
thank you for sharing! When you smooth out the process, do you use the smudge tool and paint brush to get this effect?
EroticPanda Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008
Wow, typically i don't really find art tutorials that helpful, but for some reason this one actually had some stuff that i can use. I mean, i'm not really an artist but the process helps me see how to do somethings i might try later. Thanks.

ps - phenomenal piece. inspired me to go back through the pepper stuff.
clayscence Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
amazing tutorial! thanks for the help!
Designokee Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
hey, dud, how did you arrive at the first silhouettes? i mean, di ka naglapis or rough sketch?
DeadXCross Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Salamat pare. Thats just what I was wishing for you to do c:
totmoartsstudio2 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008
Hirumi-Tan Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008
Thank you so much this has helped a lot!
MeGoSa Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008  Professional General Artist
Thanks so much for sharing this =D I'll try this style of coloring in my next work =) Hopefully I can pull it off! :XD:
cric Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Very helpful! :thanks:
jezustin Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008 amazing way to work....thank you!
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